Looking Thru His Eyes
  OIL GICLEES - Insight in Oil


 Light of the World



An Offering Poured Out


Looking Towards Heaven


Weighing The Cost


Bridegroom Rejoices


Here I Am! Send Me!


Seeking His Face


Heaven Bound


Majestic Hills


The Shadow Of Her Wings


Loving Embrace


Sing A New Song


The River Runs Through It


Bowing Before The King


The Promise


Where You Go I Will Go




His Majesty


Coming Out Of The Wilderness


Leaning On Her Beloved


Blushing Bride


Shining In The Darkness


He Healed Me


Drumming Praise


Season Of Joy


The Kiss


Herding Camels


Trailing Herder


Heavenly Reflections


Mountains Shout Out


Reflection of His Glory


Pillars of Salt


Loving Couple


Hearts Entwined


Dancing Gracefully


Loving Siblings


Snowy Night


Enjoying the Snow


Change Is Coming




Fisher Of Men


Tree Of Love


Fox Den




Hunting Companion


Majestic Vista


Peaceful Expanse


Storm Warning


Footstep In The Sand


Hues of Gold


Jagged Canyon




Serenity In Motion


Sun Shining Through


View From The Top


Orange Glow


Wide Expanse


Water Reflections


Autumn Sunset


Autumn Serenity


Hiking Companion


Flying High


Bear Trouble


Autumn Magic


Bridgeport Courthouse


Fort Bliss Fireworks


Looking Around


Peeking Through


Poppies Bloom


Shining Through


Heaven Bound - VIDEO

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